GW2, ESO and IntPiPoMo

its been pretty much a month since my last post and it’s mostly down to having a LOT of fun in GW2 and wanting to play rather than write.  A common blogging dilemma.

GW2 – The Heart of Thorns expansion is, so far, very very good.  The maps are stunning and I really love the verticality of the new zones.  I am having a blast with the GGG guild, they are very fun to game with.  We got our guild hall the other night and are now starting the arduous process of upgrading 🙂  I think this is one of the best things about GW2 – there are things to work towards which can be done both solo and with a group – the guild hall upgrades and legendary items perhaps being the best examples.  These are long processes (if you’re not rich and can’t buy the items with gold at least!), they are quite grindy but you can do them when you’re in the mood – and there is also plenty of other things to do.

ESO – our Wednesday night group has been quiet for a while, but I think we’re back on for regular grouping now.  We ran round Craglorn the other night which was a lot of fun.  Orsinium has just been released so my attention is now split between two MMOs.  I’m not sure how I’m going to manage this – I really like both games but they both need quite a bit of attention…

#IntPiPoMo I’ll be taking part in this.  Basically it’s the visual equivalent of NaNoNeNo (ah whatever it’s smegging called :P), if a picture paints a thousand words than 50 pictures is worth a novel or something 🙂  Chestnut is the brave blogger curating it this year, please check her blog out for more information and all the participants (it’s a very cool blog, so check it out anyway :))  I think I’m going to split my entries into 5s and maybe theme them…



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