#IntPiPoMo (11-15) Thief!

I’m a bit behind on these, so I shall try to get some more posted, more regularly.

I cannot do a set of screenshots without including a thief theme – this playstyle has been my favourite for a rather long time and is pretty much exclusively attached to the Elder Scrolls series.

11. Skyrim – My newest thief in Skyrim – this is my new improved Thieves Guild playthrough


12. Skyrim – Sneaking with Brynjulf and Karliah


13. Skyrim – My character had just joined the Nightingales and got the beautiful Nightingale armour.

3 thieves
Brynjulf, El & Karliah

14. Elder Scrolls Online – the image below is taken from my ESO comic, about waiting for the Thieves Guild.

page 2a
page 3

15. Elder Scrolls Online – Crow’s Wood is part of the realm of twilight (Nocturnal’s domain) and is a very fun public dungeon with a cool storyline.

Abandoned house in Crow’s Wood




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