#IntPiPoMo (16-20) Let it snow!

Ok so yes the next theme set is Snowy areas – one of my most favourite types of zone to quest in.

16. Dragon Age Inquisition: multiplayer.  I love the crispness of the DAI snow zones, beautifully clear light and shades and shades of blue, white and grey.

DAI snow

17. Lord of the Rings Online.  The lake in Forochel.  Just gorgeous.


18. Guild Wars 2. one of the snowy zones, I can’t remember which one…. I just love the calmness of this one.


19. Skyrim.  panorama along the north coast.


20. Elder Scrolls Online.  Wrothgar.  Snowy area with bonus waterfalls.






  1. Those are some pretty good screenshots! 🙂

    I specially like the one from Dragon Age: Inquisition as it just screams “Adventure!” to me.

    Out of curiosity, where is that Wrothgar in Elder Scrolls Online located? The name sounds nordic but there isn’t any place with that name in Skyrim (that I know of).

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