avoiding burnout

I am intending to write a 2015 wrap-up post but I’m thinking of combining it with my blogoversary.  My first ever post on old site was on 22.01.09, so that’s now 7 years worth of posting sporadically.  Said post will hopefully follow shortly.

I’m wary of getting burned out in Guild Wars 2 (the saga of the ever-lasting grind for a legendary weapon may or may not get published) so I’m reducing the time I spent playing this somewhat.  Although the game is superficially very easy to pick up and play, if you decide to go after achievement points and snazzy skins (which is all the legendary is really), there is an astonishing amount of grind.  Sadly, not challenge… grind.   I am starting to prefer raid-gated shinies and would possibly prefer to be throwing myself at the Switchmaster* in the hopes of a) actually killing him, b) that the RNG throws up the bow I want and c) that the assassin doesn’t decide to stuff the ranger and snag the bow.  I do still really enjoy the game and grouping with the GGGs, so its a small reduction in play-time just to avoid burnout.

oh I haven’t even mentioned how disappointing the scribe profession is as well 😦

So anyway, I’ve updated ESO and Lotro and sorted bags out in both.  I found ESO very quick to pick up again (unsurprisingly as it hasn’t been *that* long since I last played).  I’m not sure what, if anything, I want to do with ESO – I do tend to think that this MMO will be vastly improved in a year or so when it has a few more systems under its belt.  At the moment, it is too easy to run out of things to do, especially solo.  Although really I am all about the group play in MMOs, you need to have things to do while you’re waiting for people to log in, finishing up whatever their doing, having a chinwag or whatever 🙂  It should however, be easy enough to dip in and out.

Lotro, on the other hand, is a bit of a nightmare.  I haven’t played for quite a long time and there have been quite a few updates and changes.  Lots of deep systems that I sort of need to get my head around before I can really play.  I have a feeling that my old raid gear from the Erebor raids is seriously under-par now… and I am just starting to figure out how best to update it.  I just loved being back in Middle Earth again though, the sounds and the music felt especially nostalgic.  I’ll see how it goes as I would like to at least keep up with the Epic story.

*Switchmaster doesn’t drop a bow btw and the assassin incident wasn’t actually during this set of raids.  I am also talking about raiding this during 2009 (?) when it was current content 😉 Oh and we had a slightly less polite term for the yellow vision – piss vision 😛


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  1. Ah this gives me thinks (something like feels I guess but more in your head and makes your forehead wrinkly). For me the danger starts when I have a daily list of things to do (chop wood, make food, kill 200 ogres) before I can start ‘enjoying’ the game. Probably part of the problem is playing one game too much but I struggle to remember even 1 set of skills so playing a few games is difficult.

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