#BDO A day in the life of Black Desert Online

I’ve been playing BDO for a couple of weeks now, there are aspects of the game that I like very, very much and aspects that I’m not so keen on.  I’m unlikely to ever make this my main MMO as it is an open world pvp title and currently, there seems to be little reason to group for pve reasons.  I may write a post detailing my thoughts but for now, I just wanted to write a journal entry I suppose.

I logged in with the intention of questing for contribution points as storage space is getting tight.  However, I realised that the horse taming ropes were quite heavy in my inventory so I thought I’d try and tame a few horses instead.  I have two horses currently, a black and grey T1 male and a gold and brown T2 female.  I don’t want to mate those as the colour combination from those two would surely be revolting?  So I afk ran to my two favourite horse taming spots (see Dulfy’s guide for everything you need to know) and managed to snag a T1 brown female, another T1 grey male and a T1 brown male.  These are all separate runs and I had to run each horse to a stable to register it and then run back to the spot.


As the server was getting busier and more competition was appearing for the wild horses, I decided to go back to my original plan of gaining contribution points.  So, I finally befriended Clorince in Velia, ran to the Western Guard Camp and Costa farm for a couple of very quick quests, ran back to the river outside Western Guard Camp and tried some fishing quests whilst afk.  I didn’t get the catches I was after but I did at least get some fish to sell.  So I ran to Olvia to hand in another quest and sell my fish.

I then ran down to north of Alejandro Farm to kill Kuku birds for my level 15 cooking quest.  This was pretty easy and simple aside from the bloody Tiny Bees – very aggressive, large detection radius and a quick respawns.  Took far longer than it should have because of the bloody bees but I did it.  Handed that in and went down to another farm where I killed lizards for their hide, processed that into hard hide and handed in another quest.  I then picked up a quest to deliver potatoes to Heidel, which gave me a rug for my house (yay!) and am currently afk grinding yarn into wool fabric so I can make some crafting clothes.  I have to admit that I didn’t do this in any sensible order and did a lot more afk-running around than I needed to.


Once I’ve finished that, I’ll probably set an afk loop to level one of my brown horses, ideally to 30 (for highest Tier results) but I don’t know if my patience can stand it.  At least I can do it afk I suppose 🙂




  1. There’s a quest to kill those bees, another to get honey form them and a third to destroy their nests. If you have those it makes killing the kuku birds a bit less painful. On the other hand the drop rate for the honey is so dismal I ended up going back three times…

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