#skyrim challenge (3)

part 1 | part 2

11: Favourite antagonist.
I’m not really sure…  So I’m going to go with the ‘random dragons who attack you’.  I really enjoyed those fights, and even when it was far easier than it should have been, it was still really fun.

12: Favourite Shout(s)
I tended to use these in panic situations (when I had used all potions, eaten 63 cabbages, 35 red apples, 10 potatoes, 2 sweetrolls and I had a single raw rabbit haunch left) so I liked the one which called a Sovngarde Hero to distract all the mobs for me or Fus Do Rah to blow them all away while I hunted for some health or ran away…

13: Favourite Spell(s)
I rarely use magic in Elder Scrolls games…  even restore health I tend to forget to use.   I have periods where I think I must get x school of magic up a bit and I ended up really liking Magelight – mainly because the light never stuck where you thought it would stick…  A game of ‘wonder where it’ll end up’ – only a tad more exciting than casting it hundreds of times in a row…

14: Favourite Weapon(s)
ok.  what else would it be?


15: Favourite in game book
the thing about the books is this – I absolutely love them, I love collecting them, I love that they are there – but I always forget to get round to reading them… *ahem*



  1. If it makes you feel better I also love that there are actual books in the Elder Scroll games and collecting them…. But I always forget to read them as well. 😡

    1. ah yay 🙂 Its always on my list of things to do but I always get distracted… maybe that should be the tagline…

      Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM
      get distracted

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