#ESO assassinating and trolling

So yes, this happened.



This will be the first time in my Elder Scrolls history that I’ve joined the Dark Brotherhood.  I know, I’ll give you all time to get up from the floor.  My boyfriend has always tried to get me to join, and believe me I know all the details and yes it does sound fun but it’s never felt quite ‘right’ for my character*.   Turns out though, all it takes are some juicy passives 🙂  The ones I like in particular are those that reduce awareness whilst mounted.  I’m assuming it’s not full stealth but rather a reduced aggro radius.

Some old friends turn up in Anvil (or Kvatch) too, so far I’ve met the two dark elf siblings and am helping them find work.  I also met Crafty Lerisa again (from the DC starter area iirc).  Her quest to find her sister who had joined a religious cult, was very funny.  To rescue her sister, I had to get arrested (obvs) and to achieve this, I went around trolling the local clergy…


I have a feeling I wasn’t taking this quest too seriously (I was giggling throughout)


The quest was quite quick and wrapped up nicely.  It was a fun, light quest to balance out the murder I suppose.

*Elder Scrolls and morals – I generally play a thief but not a murderer as I prefer a moral shade of grey which I find a bit more interesting ( if she does this, would she do that? etc).  Although given the amount of bandits, cultists, necromancers that I’ve slaughtered I’m not entirely sure that holds true…  Am not a murderer but am verging on genocide? ah well.


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  1. That quest sounds pretty funny. 🙂

    And you can always say your character killed those bandits in self-defense. Sure, she shot arrows at/backstabbed them before they could see her. But she heard them talking about how they were going to murder her and an upstanding citizen like your character would never like, right? 🙂

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