summary and plans 9/9/16

So this week I’ve mostly played ESO.  Ranging from messing about solo and flailing around trying to decide the best way to start gearing my NB, to running some normal level dungeons with friends (noob flailing ahoy!).

boss in Darkshade Caverns

NB – my next most achievable gear upgrades will come from either Maelstrom weapons (oh help…) or the Monster sets.  Both will take some doing and given that there are big changes coming in a month-ish, it’s probably worth waiting and seeing for now.  So that leaves Champion Points as probably the best thing to concentrate on.  I could go and grind in Wrothgar, but I dislike grinding so I’ll probably run some of my other VR alts through the silver and gold quests.

I still have plans to finish ME3, the epic story (so far) in Lotro and at least one class story in Swtor.  Next week, we should be firmly back in the normal routine so I expect I will give them a bit more attention then.  ESO grouping will be probably be quiet for the next few weeks as well so that will help.

I’ve also got slightly sidetracked by Critical Role.  I’ve never tried out the D&D campaigns (or any other type of table-top gaming) and it does look really fun.  I tried catching up with CR by reading the summaries but that turned out to be not so fun so I’m left with either just jumping in somewhere near the current episodes or watching a backlog of 64 episodes which are about 3-4 hours long…



  1. I understand about the critical role dilemma. I started watching in May, but do not have the time to go back and catch up on all the old episodes. Perhaps someday, but since they used to play before they started filming it, there is still quite a lot of back story that you can never fully know. So I am, for the most part, fine with where I started and I’ll just follow their adventures hence forth.

  2. I’m planning to have ESO plans probably starting tomorrow. Can we have Only Noob Flailers Need Apply as guild recruitment text (partly previous post I know but I read them all in one go).

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