#lotro challenge (3)

11. Pic of your choice

lotro Bar Hurin

I’m fairly certain that this is Bâr Húrin (Húrin’s Home), South Ithilien, the ancestral home of the Stewards of Gondor.  I was really struck with how pretty this whole area is, the forest outside is just lush and this settlement has an old, overgrown feel.  I’m looking forward to visiting after the Dawnless Day (if I can).

12. Favourite quest so far?
I really enjoy the epic quests and I have to admit, I do particularly enjoy the chapters where we meet the main characters from the books.  Having said that, my most favourite quest is possibly the epic quest Tale of the Red Maid.  In fact I enjoyed it so much, I illustrated it with screenshots in an attempted graphic novel type style 😉

13. Which faction were you absolutely keen to get kindred status with?
I think probably the elven factions, particularly the Malledhrim.  I was very stoked at finally being able to visit my Hunter’s homeland and I did really enjoy it.  I do wish that they would add on the elven caverns in Northern Mirkwood though, I loved seeing the film version.

lotro mirkwood

14. Best server to play on?
I’ve only played on one server, Laurelin.  It’s a nice friendly server and although I don’t roleplay, I appreciate stumbling across it within the world, it really adds an extra layer.

15. Raiding kinship or social kinship?
I burned out somewhat with hardcore, end game raiding with EQ2 so when I started playing lotro, it was purposefully with a more relaxed style of playing.  Having said that, my lovely, social kinship did end up doing some relaxed (and some more serious) raiding – so I did get to see quite a few of the raid zones in the end.




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