1 – a new start

[decided I wanted it on my blog after all – a vaguely in character diary of my playthrough]

I received a letter saying that my Aunt had left me her house in Falkreath, in her will. As my face may have been decorating some wanted posters in Auridon (it’s a long tale involving intrigue, a heist, betrayal, and… cheese), it seemed like a perfect time for a new start.

Having arrived in Falkreath, I found I was unable to take up residence until I had ingratiated myself with the local Jarl. He is a slimy toad of a man but I killed cleared a camp of bandits (with some bloke from the local Inn, I owe him a beer or two), delivered some ashes, picked some cabbages and found a journal belonging to a very kind Priest.

Surprisingly, that’s all it takes to become Thane of Falkreath. I also got a shiny sword for my troubles. (I may have taken some extra goodies from the slimy Jarl as payment for having to deal with him). So, now I need to find my house, luckily I now have a Housecarl named Jayya so I can follow her, Lester (the bloke from the Inn) is also tagging along for while.



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