3 – caves and dragons

I feel this diary entry title could benefit from some alliteration, it’s a shame I wasn’t investigating Dungeons today… anyway, I left Rayya finishing the house-building with some locals she had persuaded to help, while Lester and I decided to liberate some goods from bandits. There are many likely caves around this area to investigate and Lester helpfully informed me as we approached a rather pretty ice cave that there was bound to be animals or bandits inside. He wore an unsufferably smug look upon his face after we discovered both animals and bandits inside.

On the way back to Lakeview Manor, we discovered a very disturbing sight. I thought dragons were legends of old but this note reports sightings of a dragon and what appears to be the aftermath of such an attack. I see smoke rising in the distance from Helgen, too thick to be their cooking fires. Is this some kind of Stormcloak trick?

We will investigate at first light tomorrow.


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