5 – Whiterun

I took the opportunity to sell the items we had looted from the bandits and my purse is now comfortably heavier. I bought some iron ingots for the house needs and Lester is now carrying these for me. He looks less smug now.

Jarl Baalgruf the Greater is certainly greater than his slimy counterpart in Falkreath. He at least seems to take his duties seriously. He is sending a detachment of Whiterun guards to help defend Riverwood in the event of an attack. Farengar, the court mage, has asked me to retrieve a stone tablet from Bleak Falls Barrows as it will help his research into dragons. I’m not sure why I appear to be the only to sort out these problem but I have the skills and I need goodwill (and septims… cold hard septims…) so it can’t hurt for now.


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