6 – bleak fall barrows

Ugh, a tomb filled with bandits, skeevers and the undead. Lester wisely refrained from making any smart remarks. We were both straining under the weight of looted goods, who knew the Nords buried so many treasures?!

skyrim bleak falls barrowsOne strange event though, there was a wall with engraved runes. As I drew closer, I swear by Y’ffre’s Beard that I heard chanting and the runes glowed. I had to close my eyes as they were so bright, it felt as though they were being burned into my brain. I came to quite quickly when I spotted a very ornate chest close by. Loot! We were both quite surprised (though I guess we shouldn’t have been) when the coffin lid clattered open and a very cross undead thing tried to get between me and the loot. No one gets between a Bosmer and shiny things! I asked Lester if he’d seen or heard anything strange but he hadn’t. He did, however, believe that I’d been hit on the head too hard in one of the previous fights. Quite possible. Anyway, we found the tablet that Farengar wanted and are now sitting in the lovely warm sunshine outside.


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