8 – Dragon!

I spent a few days at home, I was nursing a dreadful hangover and felt like I’d had a fight with a giant. Once recovered, I travelled back to Farengar, who was very pleased with the discovery.

While we were there, a soldier arrived with the news that a dragon had been sighted at the Western Watchtower. Balgruuf asked me to accompany his soldiers to help deal with the situation. I was backing off and protesting that this really wasn’t my area of expertise, as I’ve started to feel that I’m getting mixed up in things that don’t concern me, but his Housecarl Irileth grabbed me by the arm and practically dragged me along with her soldiers. I was slightly excited and intrigued at the prospect of seeing a dragon so I allowed this. OK fine, I’ll admit that old tales of dragon’s treasure may have also influenced my decision. The fight with the dragon was quite frightening and yes, he (or she – I didn’t check) was carrying some rather fine loot!

skyrim dragonAnother weird thing happened, something seemed to transfer from the dragon to me. The soldiers believe I’m the Dragonborn, the Jarl thinks I’m the Dragonborn and apparently the Greybeards (whoever they are) think I’m the Dragonborn. I’m not. It’s ridiculous. I’m not even a Nord! I’m not the Dragonborn.


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