14 – it’s cold

[vaguely in-character diary of my playthrough | all entries | mods I’m using]

I’m keeping my head down.  Rumours are flying about the dragonborn appearing but I’ve heard so many different descriptions, I don’t think anyone will realise I was at West Watch Tower.  Not that I am the dragonborn obviously, but I don’t want any sort of attention as it’s hard enough blending in as it is.  There are also tales of far off villages and farms being attacked by dragons.  I’m sure the Imperials (or the Stormcloaks I suppose) can deal with that sort of thing.

skyrim frozenBrynjolf has been sending me into the North for more information about who is behind the guild’s misfortunes.  I thought it was cold in the Rift!  Unbelievably cold, I have come close to actually freezing to death!   Well, in fact I almost did, fortunately a kind hunter found me after I’d collapsed and took me back to her camp.  She’s given me some tips and persuaded me that being warm is more important than wearing my lovely enchanted thieves gear.  So I now have a set of fur armour to wear, in addition to my hood and cloak, for those trips to the frozen north.  She also taught me more efficient ways of lighting a fire in snow storms and I need to speak to the court wizard in Riften, who may know some spells to help keep you warm.  I feel slightly more prepared for my upcoming trip to Snow Veil Sanctum.  I’ve heard it’s perishing up there!



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