16 – windhelm

[before I started this, I thought oh yes, I’ll just write up my playthrough in the form of diary.  easy I thought.  I soon realised that just writing up the quests as is, was very boring so I tried a different angle so I could comment on events rather than narrate them step by step.  However, that needed context,  which led to ‘story’ and here we are.  I’m not a fiction writer (clearly!), I wouldn’t even describe myself as a writer but for some reason I’m really enjoying this, as awful as it is.   apologies to anyone who reads 🙂]

Delvin is in for it.  He knew how happy I was not to be sent north, so which job did he pick for me?  One in Windhelm, that miserable, frozen, elf-hating stronghold of the Stormcloaks.  Luckily it is so cold, no one is questioning why my hood is pulled so low.  I’ve rented a room in Candlehearth Hall, which is at least warm if a bit draughty and I can finally leave  tomorrow, when hopefully the sun might make an appearance – not that it’ll make much difference up here.

The job here turned out to be very interesting, I think the guild will find this hilarious.  I was sent here to collect a valuable candlestick from a prominent family, however this place is a maze.  So, I was chatting to a local storekeeper, casually getting information about where I might find the residence I was looking for, and it turns out that he had accidentally bought a stolen ring.  Ho hum, not my problem was my immediate thought.  I couldn’t stop laughing when I realised this ring was owned by the very person I would be visiting!  The irony was too delicious to pass up!  Return the ring and get paid, take the candlestick and… get paid!



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