#eso stamblades and pirates

Yes I know, this blog has been very quiet lately.  It’s mostly an issue of RL stuff taking up headspace.  Everything’s OK though.  I have still been doing plenty of gaming though (shocker!), it is a good way to switch off for a while.

So, ESO.  I’m still having a blast playing this – mostly thieving, catching up on some achievements and I still have my dungeon fun night and also a raid night going.  I’ve noticed the reduction in dps on my stamblade which is a bit disappointing, but I’m sure a future update will swing the balance another way.  So long as a class isn’t totally wrecked, I don’t mind the balance swings and roundabouts – I do feel it is part of the price you pay for such variety.  Both GW2 and Lotro manage to generally seem to keep the balance (though they too have had their moments) but they do have a far fewer amount of variables to pin down than say, EQ2 or ESO.  Plus my formative MMO years in EQ2 hardened me to the bow nerf bat…  It’s the person behind the character I say!  #notbitter

I did have a very low moment when I compared dps parses between my stamblade and my magblade.  My magblade not being even nearly as well geared up, with a very dodgy skill setup and I had no idea which skills were where.  I was shocked and, admittedly, very downcast (and yes, I whinged and moaned guild-wide)  when my magblade’s dps was significantly higher.  Later I remembered that my stamblade was actually wearing her thieving gear (speed! stealth! fight – uh nope..) and so her dps wasn’t in fact beaten by my facerolling of my magblade…  *ahem*

We ran through Blackheart Haven on vet mode the other night, which was incredibly fun. The scenery here is outstanding – a massive indoor and outdoor instanced zone, filled with pirates, pirate skellys and repurposed shipwrecks – if I wanted to see a premium priced house, it would be this one…   At the beginning you can wear a pirate disguise and the pirates were all fooled by our shouts of ‘yarr’ and ‘me hearty’ and other such clichés so we decided to join in the pirate party:


but our healer decided to pick a fight (I guess someone spilled her pint!) and we went full on bar brawl instead:


Anyway, I now have a new trophy to add to my monster bust housing display 🙂


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