#lotro 10th anniversary

not quite 10 years for me but close to 8.  Anyway, I’ve been playing regularly again (as my second MMO) since before Christmas and I’m really glad I got back into it before this anniversary started.

I’m really enjoying the Scavenger hunts and going back through old zones.  Lotro Strategery has an ongoing guide, which is extremely useful as the Lotro wiki is getting hammered at the moment!  I’m surprised at how much I do actually remember and don’t have to look up, but there have been a few objectives which completely flummoxed me…  It’s also shown that I completely ignored the re-making of Narsil questline (a very long quest chain) and so I have been catching up on that.  Being over-levelled and the quest being in the gorgeous Everswim Evendim is making it fun and relaxed rather than a chore.  I am completely up to date with the epic quest chain… except… for the final book of Vol. 2.  I am expecting to be catching up on that for scavenger reasons quite soon 😛


We recently had an extended hobbit/lotr movie marathon over the first week of the Easter hols and our littlun thoroughly enjoyed that.  He surprised us by actually watching the films with us, we did think it would be too much!  He now has a baby Captain and saw his first Anniversary firework show which he was spellbound by and thought was nearly as exciting as the real thing 🙂  I did a few quests for him so he could get a dragon kite (obviously… I mean what 8 year old wouldn’t want a dragon kite!)

Finally, as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations (see here for the full details), there is a top ten lotro soundtracks list on youtube with comments and reflections by Chance Thomas – really interesting and fab to get some background on the creation process.


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