As my old blog was getting rather large and unwieldy, I moved some posts (comics, sindarin translations etc) over to here, reorganised and started afresh.  I also lost focus in what I wanted to blog about when I changed games…  So this blog will be a place to share my screenshots, describe my adventures and occasionally add to my two long running series (translating the elvish placenames found in lotro and the tale of the red maid)

The blog’s name StarShadow is taken from my first MMO character’s name Suzita Starshadow (ranger/eq2).  When I started playing a hunter in lotro I wanted to keep the name and keep it relevant to this blog but make it more fitting for Middle Earth.  So I translated star and shadow into sindarin (él and dae) and added -riel as a typical elvish ending, Eldaeriel.

I played EQ2 from 2006-2010,  LoTRO from 2010 to 2014 and Elder Scrolls Online from April 2014 and Guild Wars 2 from August 2015.

I’m also a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series, I started with Daggerfall way back when, played through Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim multiple times (will be playing the DLC for Skyrim at some point).  I really enjoyed playing Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2 as well and absolutely loved Inquisition.

I also play Minecraft off and on – generally either building stuff in peaceful mode which ends up looking like a prison even though I was going for an elvish vibe or playing a survival seed and getting cross halfway through because some blue wool would really finish off the decor of my cell living room.

I live in the UK with my boyfriend (Dimzad – you’ll read about him ;p) and our littlun.


  1. Some great info here. I recently moved from playing Skyrim on 360 to the PC so I could play the DLC. Your blog is really helping me understand some things. GW2 is another game that I sometimes struggle with. I really like your screenshots. Your Sylvari is awesome. 🙂

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